What you didn\'t know about SEO strategies and business models

What you didn\'t know about SEO strategies and business models

Business models are different, but did you know that SEO strategies vary accordingly? Maybe not. If you’re thinking of doing SEO yourself, you’re likely to make the mistake of trying to do it without considering an appropriate strategy for your business model and website. 

Although every website has a homepage or internal linking structure, from this point onwards you start to notice substantial differences, such as the content, the type of service offered and the audience you are targeting. 

This post aims to clarify some doubts about the creation of SEO strategies based on B2B and B2C business models.


SEO for B2B vs B2C is very different

In general, companies can be divided into two main groups: B2B or business to business and B2C or business to consumer. Selling to businesses is very different from selling to consumers, so optimising a website accordingly is not as simple as you might think.

In this sense, the two types of companies according to the business model are:

B2C marketplace: This is a professional seller or online company that offers its goods and services to consumers or end-users.

B2B marketplace: It functions as a marketplace for individuals that connect sellers and buyers on a distributor’s website. 


Content-oriented companies should focus on content marketing while product inventory-oriented companies should focus on technical SEO, keeping in mind that both B2B and B2C business models can have either of the strategic marketing objectives. 

That doesn’t mean that these areas of SEO are exclusive to any one of them, as we’ve already talked about the importance of combining various techniques to achieve a well-rounded strategy. It’s about finding the right approach for the business.


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This division allows us to think more clearly about the content and SEO strategies that are best suited to each type of business. Hence the importance of using SEO professionals to position your brand, whether they are agencies or independent providers.