How to Create a Webhotel

How to Create a Webhotel

Most customers of hotels are gained when they visit the website and get impressed by what they see. If you run a hotel, it’s crucial to know how to make a Webhotel. webhotel-guiden.dk is a great website to search hotels in Denmark. 

Select a template

While there are other responsibilities linked to making a Webhotel which have to be done by yourself, there are many ready-made templates available for a Webhotel. Some are even free! This means you shouldn’t worry about web design. All templates including the free ones are equipped with an intuitive booking engine, gallery, a dynamic menu and more basic things. 

Add a booking option

No matter what type of hotel you’re running, your website requires a one-stop booking solution. The booking option should manage reservations, accept payments, boast flexible pricing ranges, accept bookings from all devices, have multiple languages and send instant confirmation email. 

Incorporate relevant pages

Although the main purpose of a Webhotel is to gain reservations, you have to persuade visitors to book a room at your hotel. Ensure that your Webhotel offers a rich experience to whoever visits your website. Moreover, it should include the services you offer. 

Some essential aspects that should be added on your Webhotel are a homepage (which should have aesthetic pictures and descriptions), ‘About Us’ page, FAQs, customer reviews, and a contact page. 


Apart from a legitimate domain, your Webhotel should include all the branding assets. At the most basic level, focus on your visual language, logo and your customized domain.

Be social

Having a great Webhotel isn’t enough. Internet users are all over different social platforms. Therefore, make sure that you promote your Webhotel on all networks. You should boast an active virtual presence to gain more visitors. This is a free and surefire way to receive popularity. 

Invest in SEO

The more you invest on SEO, the more people will click on your Webhotel. Choose a suitable domain name, utilize the correct keywords and add alt text on the pictures. There are many SEO services for boosting your business online.